James Parthapal Chooses Bloomington Towing Services as the Top Towing Provider in Bloomington, Indiana for the year 2016

It’s the end of June, 2016 (6/27/16 to be exact), and it’s time now for me to give my annual review of what in my opinion is the best towing service in Bloomington, Indiana.

I have, as you know, been giving these reviews for the past three years (please see my previous articles: Bloomington towing company, 6/25/15; Tow truck Bloomington Indiana, 6/26/14; and Bloomington wrecker service, 6/28/13).

My choice for the top performing towing service in Bloomington for the year 2016 is Bloomington Towing Services.

My reasons for choosing Bloomington Towing Services are many, but the top reason, of course, is speed of service in emergency situations.

As all my readers know only too well, I have been harping on the imperative of speed of emergency service for many years. That’s because, as I have said at least a thousand times on this blog (and also on others), speed of emergency service is the most critical element of any towing company’s service.

When someone is in an emergency and they call a towing company, they need help NOW! They need someone to come to their aid immediately. Every passing minute in an emergency feels like a year to the one who is experiencing it, and so the tow truck company that gets there the fastest is the best tow truck company of the lot.

I have checked all the call reports and other stats for all the major towing operators in Bloomington, as I do every year when I come up to review time, and I have discovered that last year Bloomington Towing Services average time in responding to an emergency (that is the time from receiving the call and getting into the truck and turning the ignition switch) was just under 45 seconds.

45 seconds! This is a remarkable record. In all my years of doing these reviews, I have never seen an average response time of 45 seconds.

But although average response time is the most important element in a towing service’s rating, quality of customer service is important too. And I am gratified to report today that Bloomington Towing Services has scored very highly in this regard too. But we will go into that metric tomorrow.